Online show tonight!

Together with many amazing performers, I will be a part of Velvet Revue’s show tonight. If you can’t attend it don’t worry, the show will be available afterwards so watch it anytime. For info and tickets, go to the link below:

Take me back… on stage

When you follow me on Instagram, there’s a good chance you’ve seen (well, if the algorithm allows it) my most recent post with the Green Fairy makeup. I did an at-home-photoshoot by myself this week and I’m sharing the results in the upcoming weeks so when you’re interested in seeing these I’d recommend keeping an eye out.

Getting fully dressed, doing my hair and makeup really made me miss the stage even more. I love doing stage makeup so this was really fun to do at home (even though there’s now glitter everywhereeee, also on the dog). I wanted to share one of my all time favourite eyeshadow palettes that I used. It was also used in the YouTube video that served as an inspiration.

The palette in question is called Take me back to Brazil by BH Cosmetics. I like experimenting with different eye colours for stage makeup so this colourful palette (35 colours!!!) is great for that matter. It is highly pigmented and also comes with basic black and lighter colours to give depth. The Rio edition is even better for burlesque makeup: it is the Brazil one but with sparkles 😍 best part: both are easy to find online for a reasonable price. I actually found the Rio edition at TK Maxx a while ago for only 10 euros.

Take Me Back to Brazil 35 Color Pressed Pigment Palette | BH Cosmetics

Bonus: the palette has a big mirror inside which makes it ideal to bring to shows for some touch-ups!

Here are some websites that sell the palettes:

Have fun experimenting 😉 make sure to tag me in the results!

A first look

The past weeks have been quite chaotic. Between my job and study a lot happened regarding the coronacrisis. I lost my job again, got sick so got tested twice (both negative), I have a creditcard fraud going on and now I’m fearing the life of my client who is an elderly lady who I kept company. She was tested positive over two weeks ago.

It was hard and exhausting.

Yet, I am happy about many things as well. I was fortunate to get a call from a former temporary job that they had work for me. I loved working there so I said yes right away even when it is just for a few weeks.

I also ended in the top 10 of my first ever burlesque competition. No words can explain my grattitude for the 7th place, I worked hard on Green Fairy as you all know. That people recognize my love for burlesque is really special. Not to mention all the support I get from my surroundings. Precious!

And then, my new corset came in the mail for a new act I’m creating (yes, already a new one, I just love to create burlesque acts). I’m sharing a first look with you, the entire process will be on my Patreon.

Can you already guess the act? 😉 let me know your thoughts!

Upcoming workshop dates!!

Two online workshops coming up via Teams. If you want to join:

March 17, 20:30 (CET): Stage makeup and hair

March 24, 20:30 (CET): Acting out, creating your own acts

Special offer: 5 euro each or 7,50 for both!

Made by @disneybabydoll

Green Fairy update

As said many times before, some exciting things are coming. One of these things has to do with Green Fairy. You can already watch a teaser on my YouTube page (via Links).

Next week I will tell you what it is so keep an eye out 😉

Workshop changes

I’ve made some changes/decisions regarding the workshops and courses. You can find the changes on the workshop page.

The two most important notes are:

  1. The prices for the burlesque bootcamp will go up from May 1st
  2. I’m busy creating videos so you can watch and rewatch workshops at any time. Where and how is explained on the page

If you want to know about these kind of changes as one of the first, you can subscribe to my newsletter in the nearby future. I’m trying to figure out how I can make a form for that! All exciting things coming sooner than you think ;P

Dita von Teese, retrieved from Daily Mail

Believe me, it’s science

As some of you may know, I am currently doing a master study in art policy and intrepreneurship at Radboud University. For this matter, I am to write a thesis as a final piece. I decided to make the subject about burlesque and that was accepted last week. Tomorrow I will go over the details in a first conversation with my supervisor.

That’s just a little background story on how I got involved in this. In order to write a proposal for the thesis, I did research on the state of art regarding burlesque as a field of study. Surprisingly, not much was found (well not entirely but since it is becoming more and more popular I thought there would be more research into this matter by now). But what I did find was freaking interesting!!!

I am enjoying burlesque research so much I’ve decided to make it a topic on this website. You’ll find it above ^ following soon!

How did I start with burlesque?

Part 1: background story

This is a fun story to tell.

When in 2001 the movie Moulin Rouge by Baz Luhrman came out, I was 4 years old. By the time my parents had seen it in the local cinema, bought the DVD/CD/every single magazine talking about it, I turned 6. I saw the pictures, I heard the songs. Even now when listening to the album I can feel the enthusiasm from back then when we would listen to it daily. I also remember I used to fantasize when hearing the songs because I couldn’t understand what they were saying. Already full of ideas.

via Pinterest. I mean, come onnnnn this is already a good poster!!!

All that resulted in me really wanted to see the movie for myself. But, I was quite young to watch it of course… Nonetheless, as a spoilt, super-annoying-when-curious, dramatic, little kid I would ask my parents time after time after time after time if I could pleeeeease see the movie at last… Finally they gave in.

Yes, some scenes were a bit scary for a six-year-old but that did not have an influence at all on how I perceived the movie (which is quite rare for me as an anxious person to be honest). On the contrary: I freaking loved it.

The costumes, the acts, the glitter, the beautiful Satine, the dramatic loves tory I didn’t understand at all: WOW. I could see why they loved it because now I did too. Right there and then I figured: I want to be like Satine with her extravagant outfits, glamorous room and fascinating acts. YAS MOTHER I WANT IT NOW PLS 😭❤

My mother: mwaaaaahhh…

Of course back then I didn’t know that Satine was a courtisane.  What I wanted was to perform just like she did in venues like the Moulin Rouge and doing acts in amazing looks. Later I learned what being a courtisane meant and what burlesque was. I choose for what I’ve always wanted, others choose to be Satine the other way around, and they are free to do so. To be very clear: both these choices are valid, both these choices are work.

via Wiki Fandom

The movie also helped me finding my love for musical theater. I’m therefore happy my parents decided to introduce me to this movie and are for that matter a part of at least two of my passions. They still find it hard sometimes to accept that their daughter is twirling tassels in front of people but they support me nevertheless.

After all those years I kept on freaking loving Moulin Rouge. In fact: it still is my favorite movie. I even have “Come what may” tattooed on my leg (for multiple reasons though, ask me when you’re interested), so yeah the dramatic love story also made a lasting impression after all. And BOIIIII when it became a Broadway musical… let me tell you that there were some people not so happy with me practicing singing again 😂 My latest act (green fairy) is also inspired by both the movie and musical and has fragments of both in it as well. I think it is awesome something like a movie can have such an impact on someone’s life.

Moulin Rouge is where it all began 🌹 More about my burlesque journey coming soon.

Feather fan fiasco part 2

Some weeks ago I wrote the first half of the fiasco with my green feather fans. This part is going to be better though, I promise.

As said, I found a perfect supplier for the ostrisch feathers after a while. I told him about my terrible experience so I asked him if these feathers were in fact suitable for making burlesque fans. He replied very fast and even sent pictures of the handpicked (!!! every. single. one. is.) feathers in order for me to see if I liked them. We even had a small talk about André Rieu. So, after all a great great service, nothing but praise for this store!

The picture they sent me. Needless to say I was sold in an instance. It now even is my banner lol.

Due to the ever-so-wonderful coronacrisis, the feathers arrived after 4 to 5 weeks. But, they were worth the wait. I was super happy with the color as well. See the picture below:


If you are curious to know how they look compared to the first ones I have good news for you: I made a picture of that comparison too.

Well…. yes…. pictures speak louder than words….

May it be clear that my horrible first experience was forgotten quickly when I found this lovely supplier with his amazing products. I am super content with the new ones and I can’t wait to add them to my new staves… ‘cause yes, I also had some issues with that :’) but that is a story for next time.

Learn from my mistakes kids… or just make ‘em and remember it is a learning process and that you are not the only one making these kinds of mistakes. Whatever suits you 😛

Until next time!